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Ghanaians Might Still Experience Another Lockdown Soon

The most crucial thing at the moment is to create an environment that is safe and sound for all citizens as this deadly virus(Covid’19) is ravaging the whole world. However alot of decisions has been made, of which some appear to be commendable while some are nothing to write about.

But at this point in time every decision that the government makes  should be accurate, because any silly/wrong decision may lead to the death of thousands of citizens.

The Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo made a public announcement on the lifting of the 3weeks partial lockdown in some part of the country, Ghana after so much consultations and agitation within the government, medical team and other high Ghanaian authorities bodies of the country.

However there has been a little increase in the confirmed coronavirus cases after the lockdown was lifted but Ghanaians will not want to hear that the Government want to make another lockdown order but this is what will eventually happen.

This lifting of the lockdown order has make alot of Ghanaian citizens happy but the negative implications will be outrageous, which we don’t pray for and which every Ghanaians does not pray for as well.

Furthermore could we say that God is not on the side of the Italians, Americans, France and Spain?, because this countries has faced  alot of losses from the ravaging virus.  Ghanaians have never stop saying God is on their side whenever an announcement is being made on a potential lockdown which has turned out to be on for the favour of the country.

Most Ghanaians will always go against this issue but the bitter truth is that I say “Government will soon announce a new lockdown order”, and this decision is always for the protection of Ghanaians.

According to reports from Punch news, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against upcoming trouble in combating this coronavirus. He furtherly warned that, “Lifting lockdowns could cause infections to reignites “.

Dr. Tedros added that; “There is no doubt that stay at home orders and other physical distancing measures have successfully suppressed spread in many countries “.

With this issued warning I believe country like Ghana who has lifted their lockdown order will soon announce a new lockdown order because the safety of the lives of the Ghanaian citizens is what is Paramount now.

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