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Mike Oladipo Shouts “Not A Crime” In New Song

#WeAreLeaders #WeAreHeroes! The socialpreneur and songwriter Mike Oladipo, releases a  new song “Not A Crime” loaded with sad experiences with police aggression and SARS brutality.

The just released song “Not A Crime” features amazing words of impact as Mike Oladipo aims to raise responsible leader for national landmarks, global significance and relevance.

Read Mike’s experiences with police aggression and SARS brutality below:

#WeAreLeaders #WeAreHeroes
If I’m to count my sad experiences with police aggression and SARS brutality, I’ll lose count.

Each experience was a rescue through grace intervention. Harassed, threatened and extorted.

You may not understand until you experience it, it’s not something you want to think about.

No matter how far the mind travels, the heart knows where it belongs.

I join my voice and salute everyone away and those back home standing up in such a historic moment, we are together in this.

If you’re reading this anywhere in the world and you’ve been inspired or blessed by anything I’ve done online or offline, I want you to share this.

You know what, I wouldn’t be doing this today if I was killed years ago due to #SarsBrutality #Policeagreession

There’s a boy or girl out there whose safety is not guaranteed if this continues.

I know many victims and I’ve read many sad stories, we need a safe place to thrive if we must contribute productively for the good of the land.

When we kill young people, we kill dreams, we kill strength, we kill innovation, we kill possibilities and we kill greatness.

My prayers are with those who lost their lives and loved ones. We pray peace as we collectively take a stand for the future we desire and deserve.
#EndSARS #NoToPoliceBrutality #Go

Download Below:


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