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Noble G Unveils New Song —  “Fine Boy”

Fast raising singer and writer Kingsley Madubuike, popularly know as Noble G release his new single “Fine Boy” in this season of keeping safe. The new tune was produced by Slando.

According to Noble, the single “Fine Boy” is not is a motivational and a lesson teaching song. “If you look at the title ‘Fine Boy’ you will not pay attention, you will think is all about Handsome man, Boys and Girls”. He added.

Listing, downlaod and share below. “Fine Boy” Boy. Also drop your comment:

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Read the inspiration behind the song by Noble G below:

Okay the tittle of the song is FINE BOY which is a motivational and lesson teaching song.
If you look at the title”Fine Boy” you will not pay attention, you will think is all about Handsome man, Boys and Girls”, but is not.

The inspiration that lead to this song is about girls (people) around me calling me fine boy or telling me am handsome till a very day a young said ‘NA MONEY BE FINE BOY’ to me I replied “ONYE JI EGO BUZINU FINE BOY’ she laughed  I said again NA MONEY BE FINE BOY.

With that i expressed my feelings about the compliment that am broke and poor. Ni mater  how beautiful or hansom u may be it won’t put food on the table.

On my way home I started making some freestyles about ‘na money be fine Boy’. After a month  I started thinking of dropping a song then I remembered that my slogans and fix things up and running all the lyrics and titling it FINE BOY because  I know am fine and people compliment it.

Well not only having money is fine boy But many other strong motivational lyrics and prayers in this song, God’s Grace is added too for giving me the creativity and ability to come up with this song.

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