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Snoop Dogg Cusses Out Bill Gates & Microsoft After Xbox Server Goes Down

Snoop Dogg shows his fury, as his Xbox server goes down interrupting his leisure time.

On the 14th of April, 2020 Doggfather lashed out at Microsoft mugul, the Gates company and EA sports while making reference to the global pandemic that is keeping California residents on lockdown.

“EA Sports, y’all muthafuckin’ server is down!” he says in the clip. “Get that shit back up, we trying to play. Bunch of muthafuckas at home that’s locked and loaded right now, FIX THIS SHIT! Bill Gates, Microsoft, whoever the fuck. All these muthafuckin’ bullshit ass vaccines y’all trying to give us… fix the muthafuckin’ video game Now!”

He continued by saying, “@microsoft @thisisbillgates @eamaddennfl hurrrrr up n fix this shit.” Magically, the server was up and running less than 30 minutes later, prompting Snoop to issue a “thank u.”

As a means to fight against the new Corona virus Americans have taken to their homes for safety which has increased the traffic on video games and social media as a means to overcome boredom. Also this has made celebrities to keep their fans entertained and connnected through their instagram live platform.

Over the weekend, Wu-Tang clan legend RZA and Gang Starr luminary DJ premier fought for over 800,000 people.
Minutes after its start, 90,000 people had tuned in, including a list of hip hop who’s who.

Drake, Eric. B., Killer Mike, DJ Numark, Cut Chemist, Black Thought, Quest Love and Alchemist were amongst those that tuned in

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